Learn about Verifying our Your Hotmail.com Account

By | March 15, 2019

Learn about Verifying our Your Hotmail Live.com Account. Signing up a Hotmail Live.com account and getting started with the accent is as important as to work on the email subsequently. Thus, when you sign up a new Hotmail account, you should very the account. This is particularly important if you sign up with Hotmail Live.com.

The reality is that you use your email account on your PC at home; you might not understand the importance of verifying your email account. It’s so because whenever you fill in the identical email id and password in the same computer for some time, it is likely the computer will memorize and it brings it back at any time you wish to log in.

In a few cases, you have the option to use the ‘remind me later’ option just below your email address and particularly password.

But how’d do when you’re travelling to far-off places and you wish to check email on a new computer. If you forget your password ever, it’d be hard for you to recover the password if you don’t have a verified account.

This is the substantial reason. It is for this reason that when you sing up for a new Hotmail account, you are asked to verify your account before you can send an email.

Even if you’re no tasked to do it, it’s advisable to do it on your own. Thus, you can easily get your password easily.

How to verify your Hotmail account?

If the prompt comes from your email account, you’d get a message on a bar above the email you wish to send reading ‘please verify your account ‘in two bold options at the end. This reads ‘verify’ and close, ‘choose’ verify. All this will take you to another page with the option to ‘enter your mobile number’.

Verify your Hotmail account

You’d find a text field below the ‘enter your mobile number’ option. Enter your mobile number in the right format along with your country code and then click next.

Before you go to the next step, you should read the terms and conditions of service. This will make you go through all the terms based on which the services are to be ordered.

Then, you’d go to a page that says enter your ‘verification code.’ Check the message that you sent to the phone number you provided and enter the numbers correctly.

Make sure to do it correctly so that it’s accepted. Then, a page saying ‘Thank you for verifying your account’ is visible. This shows that your account verification is done successfully. Click ‘done’ that appears below the message. It will, then, take you to your inbox.

Benefits of having your account verified

The benefits of verifying your Hotmail.Live.com are immense. It makes your account your own plus you can have the complete control as well as scope to recover anything you wish to do when lost.

If you happen to use multiple email accounts, you’re likely to forget your password on many instances (this is particularly so when you use different email accounts from the same email service provider) will assist you in getting a big deal. Besides you can easily shorten your all emails easily.